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“Totally loving it….laughed out loud…. repeatedly!! The only author who has made me do that is Sir Terry Pratchett!!!” — Fiona ScottLockyer, London, UK
Byers Evans 2

Trailers for Extant and Future Works

The Gaze of Zeus (1920’s sci-fi novel)

Treville (Three Musketeers prequel novel)

Thy Strange Apparent Cruelty (Civil War literary novel)

Paragon of the Eccentric (Steampunk novel)

Ebon Cat (verse drama)

HeartSnark (comic memoir)

Author Readings

Brimstone and Lily Chapter 3 reading

Reading from Brimstone and Lily at a conference

My YouTube channel where I recite all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets…AS Shakespeare

Podcast Interviews

Interview about Brimstone and Lily and the writing process

Interview, mostly about Brimstone and Lily

Interview by Machine Readable, recorded at the 2012  Mile-Hi Con in Denver

Radio interview of me for the Book Talk podcast.


Brimstone and Lily

*Bronze Medal winner,

2010 Independent Publishers Book Awards

*Finalist, 2009 Colorado Gold Writers Conference

“An entertaining tale…told by Verity in a very engaging manner. Her charm compels that attention be paid to her outlandish adventures.”

—Fred Cleaver, Denver Post

 “I love it. It has been a long time since a book has so captivated me.

 I look forward to sharing this with my grandchildren. Jasper, the sword, has the most wonderful sarcastic sense of humor.

 I hope this is made into a movie! Ummm, on second thought, they’d ruin it.

 Brimstone and Lily is perfection. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars.”

 “If this book [doesn’t] have film rights within three years I will completely lose what little faith I have left in human nature.
—Paul Ebbs,

 “For fantasy fans, the humor should be a nice diversion. For those just dipping their toes into reading fantasies, this should be an easy tome with which to start.

 It’s billed as a young adult fantasy novel but it will also entertain adult readers with no excuses.  It all blends quite nicely into a great read.”       

—Ft. Collins Coloradoan

“…grabs the attention of the reader at the first clash of steel and holds it at rapier point throughout the rest of the book…a delight to read.”

—Rebecca Job,

Thoroughly well crafted, Brimstone And Lily is nothing if not imaginative. In his considerably creative tale, author Terry Kroenung pays special homage to a host of incomparable literary masters – including Twain, Carroll, et al – in presenting a highly entertaining account with vivid, unique characters and an engaging central plotline. Further bolstered by his trademark flair for the whimsical and deft sense of humor, Brimstone And Lily is cultural parody at its best, treating the reader to an escapist tale of alternate reality adventure that draws you in and holds you at rapt attention from the very beginning.

Impressively well thought out, Brimstone And Lily is the exciting debut of what one can only hope is a long, multi-volume literary series. A highly recommended read

—Chelsea Perry, Apex Reviews

Jasper’s Foul Tongue

In Jasper’s Foul Tongue, Volume 2 of the Legacy Stone series, twelve-year old tomboy Verity finds herself with precious little time left to rescue her friend Eddie from the evil Merchantry. Joined by her wisecracking, shape-shifting sword Jasper, Verity makes her way through medieval Europe – disguised for her own safety – and eventually contends with the likes of everything from Muslim assassins to the dreaded zombie army of the Greek god Dionysus. Over the course of her daunting adventure, though, she will uncover a host of shocking truths – about her father, her lineage, and so much more…

The latest offering from author Terry Kroenung, Jasper’s Foul Tongue picks up right where its predecessor, Brimstone And Lily, left off – without a hint of drop-off in either action or creativity. Featuring a unique cast of supporting characters, including everything from gun-toting Furies to mystical sorcerers to formidable Dreamworms, Kroenung’s fertile imagination is on full display once again in this engaging follow up tale of intrigue and adventure. As Verity wends her through her considerably eye-opening journey, she is sure to elicit cheers from the reader every step of the way, who will no doubt find him/herself fully engrossed in the ramifications of her ultimate fate. Another standout offering from a bona fide literary talent.

—Rhonda Carver, Apex Reviews

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