This page contains the photos, videos, and web links contained in the physical copy of the book. The Kindle version has them embedded.

Links to websites/videos

#1 The Meaning of Life, ‘Live Organ Transplants’

#2 Heart transplant surgery

# 3 Return to Me

#4 “Pothole may have saved man’s life by jolting heart back into normal rhythm.”

#5 “The salmon mousse!”

#6 Freaks: “One of us!”

#7 “U.S. states accuse Teva, other drugmakers, of price-fixing.”

#8 “Why lack of sleep is bad for your heart.”

#9 “Flash fire ignites in man’s chest during emergency heart surgery.”

#10 The Road to Wellville

#11 The Island of Lost Souls

#12 “Johns Hopkins performs world’s first total penis transplant.

#13 “Bride walked down aisle by man with her father’s heart.”

#14 “World’s First 3D Printed Hearts and Functional Beating Hearts Grown From Stem Cells.” 


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