Greetings, lovers of fine literature!

Sorry you blundered onto the wrong site.

You’ll have to settle for snarky talking swords, goofy pirates, oozing zombies, and poop monsters. Loads of poop monsters.

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Bronze Medal winner

2010 Independent Publishers

Book Awards


Castles Customs Kings 2 cover

I have 4 essays about Victorian-era violence/self-defense in this new anthology.


New guest blog up from Deborah Riley-Magnus!


MM benchPlease visit the Archived Blogs page for my memorial to author and best friend M.M. Bennetts.


I was at Denver’s Colorado Gold Writers Conference September 5-7, presenting workshops on Victorian Violence and Steampunk Essentials, signing, and reading.


I was at Denver Comic-Con June 13, presenting a ‘Steampunk Self-Defense’ workshop on the 5280 stage.


Barbed Wire Books poster low


Just-released radio interview of me for the Book Talk podcast.


JMC Front CoverBook 3 of the Legacy Stone series, Jasper’s Magick Corset, is  now available (sorry for the 3-year wait, all sorts of things cropping up at the last minute; how am I for time?)


My Steampunk novel Paragon of the Eccentric just won the Colorado Gold contest (Speculative Fiction category) sponsored by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

Thanks to the judges and all who supported it.


Part 4 of my guest blog about Victorian violence is now on the English Historical Fiction Authors site.


Part 3 of my guest blog about Victorian violence is now on the English Historical Fiction Authors site.


Part 2 of my guest blog about Victorian violence is now on the English Historical Fiction Authors site.


I have a guest blog up on the respected site English Historical Fiction Authors.

It’s Part One of a series on Victorian violence: pugilism, stick fighting, ladies’ jiujutsu, etc.


Listen to my podcast interview

from Denver Mile-Hi Con on the Media page


My play West was the first piece of fiction ever published in The Fight Master (the journal of the Society of American Fight Directors). It appeared in the spring 2013 edition.


I have another guest-blog up on MM Bennetts’ site,

this time about Napoleonic cavalry sabres

(as before, there are nifty pictures and video clips)



*I have 2 (yep, 2) stories in the You Belong anthology.



won the Incite Denver contest! Thanks for your votes!


*I have a 2-part essay on Napoleonic sword dueling on M.M. Bennetts’ historical fiction blog

You can read it at http://mmbennetts.com/. Part 2 is at the top. Part 1 is just below it. Click on Blog. Yes, there are pictures!


5 Responses to Welcome

  1. When Terry Kroenung is at large with a page as splendid as this represented by the angel of Huckleberry Finn, the world must shudder (‘Shudder’ being an old English term for getting one’s credit card out and buying a book from the colonies) It’s all the defence we have left. Onward and upward Terry, well done.

  2. Well, get to it, sir. The exchange rate has never been better! ;)

  3. mandyeward says:

    Aha! I found entertainment central at last…

  4. More the entertainment perimeter. Sort of the malodorous, if not noisome, commercial factory ghetto of entertainment. :D

  5. 165,000 words per book? Not too shabby. :0)

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